Webinar Facilitation for your Business
We do it, so you don’t have to

Partnering with you to help your business reach its goals

Using webinars to reach your current and potential client base is a phenomenal marketing tool that is often underutilized.

Companies frequently become daunted by the prospect of allotting in-house resources, time and manpower to learn and master webinar platforms in addition to managing the content and presentation of each program.

Rather than add to the workload of your current employees, outsource the facilitation of each webinar to us. CSG provides very cost-effective solutions to your needs.

Our philosophy

Work smarter – Not harder.

Let us do it for you, so you can focus on your core business.

CSG’s integrated webinar facilitation services avoid the time and resources of your current employees to:

Fund-Raising Webinars

  • WA CLEs
  • ADR Topics
  • Construction

More Information

  • Research webinar platforms
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Learn a new system with all its quirks
  • Create forms and Program Materials
  • Monitor registrations
  • Communicate and answer questions for all registrants
  • Deal with technical issues
  • Handle payments
  • Walk presenters though technical orientations,
  • Handle all issues on the day of the program
  • Follow-up with all the attendees
  • Create and distribute Certificates of Completion
  • Report Continuing Education Credit where applicable

Let us do it all for you!Computer Training